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BITOI 2024


Don’t miss BITOI’s July 2024 tour, bringing their seductive soundscapes to Denmark, Sweden, and Italy!

Renowned for their ability to dissolve the sense of time and place with lingering soundscapes, BITOI’s music combines bird songs, goosebumps-inducing vocal harmonies, and patient bass lines. Their performance at Intonal Festival left audiences mesmerized, with Crack magazine praising them as “the most beautiful and wholly realized” act. Following their captivating show at Malmöfestivalen, highlighted by dynamic crescendos noted by Håkan Engström of Sydsvenskan, BITOI’s international debut at Utrecht’s Le Guess Who? 2023 was met with a thrilling standing ovation. 

Join BITOI at the Roskilde Festival, Clandestino Festival and Paesaggi Sonori for an extraordinary musical journey, blending vulnerability and strength through their unique fusion of human voice and electric bass.

Cities, dates and venues

Dates and cities


Roskilde, Denmark, Roskilde Fesitval


Larv, Sweden, Vägs Ände Larv


Gothenburg, Sweden, Clandestino Festival


Tossene, Sweden, Tossene Kyrka


Rome, Italy, Half Die Fesival


Padua, Italy, Anfiteatro del Venda


Castel del Monte, Italy, Paesaggi Sonori

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Born from the creative mind of Ethiopian-Swedish bass guitarist and composer Cassius Lambert, BITOI, or ‘Bass Is The Original Instrument,’ is a unique sonic experience that blends the human voice with the electric bass, weaving in bird phonetics, vocal percussion, and wind tones. This unique blend creates a distinct, potent sound, seamlessly uniting vulnerability with strength and infusing the human element with robustness.

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