BITOI is born from the creative mind of Ethiopian-Swedish bass guitarist and composer Cassius Lambert, BITOI, or ‘Bass Is The Original Instrument,’ is a unique sonic experience that blends the human voice with the electric bass, weaving in bird phonetics, vocal percussion, and wind tones. This unique blend creates a distinct, potent sound, seamlessly uniting vulnerability with strength and infusing the human element with robustness.

In 2023, they made waves in the music industry with a highly anticipated project. They delivered an unforgettable performance at Malmöfestivalen in August, were praised by Crack Magazine for their Intonal Festival performance, by the end of the same year BITOI was released, they had a mind-blowing performance at Le Guess Who? 2023 festival in Utrecht gaining an incredible positive feedback.

BITOI’s live shows create a deep emotional connection with the audience, and they’ve recently released their debut EP, ‘-O-‘, which beautifully balances fragility and power.




The three women's voices are unreal,
gliding together in an alien harmony, trilling and tapping their throats to achieve a warbling effect.
A genuinely soul-cleansing performance.
Making its world premiere (amongst a fair amount of others at the festival), Cassius Lambert’s virtuoso playing...
(SV) The vocal trio takes up an unexpectedly large space
the three sing with equal power and precision, in evocative voices—devotional, as in an ancient choir...
(DK) Some listening experiences demand tranquility and philosophical reflection.
Others are distinctly unsettling and oppressive, yet they leave the listener filled with reflection and wonder, verging on astonishment.

BITOI latest updates

BITOI Spring Tour 2024

Don’t miss BITOI’s spring tour in April 2024, spanning Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic!
Feb 5, 2024

Bitoi New Album

Learn more about BITOI’s new album.
Feb 5, 2024