Solo artist / composer

Nadin Al Khalidi



Nadin Al Khalidi’s roots lie in an artistic family in Baghdad, where she pursued classical Western music. Her journey took her to Sweden in 2001 as a war refugee, and there she immersed herself in projects centered around musical storytelling, collaborating with refugees of various ages in Sweden’s diverse venues. Nadin’s vocal repertoire includes Arabic, English, and Swedish, with occasional performances in other languages. She’s skilled in the guitar and Algerian Mandole. TARABBAND, a Swedish music group she established in 2008, stands as her flagship project, attracting a substantial Middle Eastern following.




Nadin Al-Khalidi: A voice for the voiceless
Al-Khalidi has risen above the sorrow and loss to make a life as a successful musician in a completely different culture to the one she was born into. 
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