Hannes Bennich


Hannes Bennich, the talented Swedish saxophonist and composer. With his magnetic and genre-defying jazz, Bennich has left an indelible mark on renowned venues and festivals across Europe gracing prestigious venues like Ronnie Scotts and Fasching, and enthralling audiences at esteemed festivals such as the London Jazz Festival، Stockholm Jazz Festival, and Copenhagen Jazz Festival

His impressive debut album, “When Losing a Dream to Reality,” released under the acclaimed British record label Whirlwind Recordings,showcases his ability to captivate diverse audiences.
Bennich’s distinct sound, influenced by modern composers and improvisers, draws inspiration from a wide musical spectrum. With a comprehensive musical education, including notable jazz programs, Bennich is poised to elevate his quartet’s sound and continue his journey as a sonic visionary.
As a booker or venue, securing Hannes Bennich guarantees an immersive and unforgettable musical experience.




"There's an inviting warmth to the sound of this album... the melodies throughout this album - inspired by dreams - are fluent and lyrical."

Lira Magazine
När jag hört sista spåret A flower’s last wish, även det med Britta Virves i helformat, vill jag höra mer och vet att första intrycket av skivan stämde. Jag är ingen saxtjej, men det här är bra, något av det bästa jag hört!
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