Hannes Bennich


Hannes Bennich, a prodigious Swedish saxophonist and composer, has carved a unique niche within the jazz genre with his compelling and genre-transcending music. His journey has seen him captivating audiences in some of Europe’s most prestigious venues and festivals, including the likes of Ronnie Scotts, Fasching, the London Jazz Festival, Stockholm Jazz Festival, and Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Through these performances, Bennich has demonstrated his ability to not only grace such esteemed stages but also to leave a lasting impression on those who experience his music.

His debut album, “When Losing a Dream to Reality,” released by the distinguished British record label Whirlwind Recordings, showcases Bennich’s remarkable capacity to engage and fascinate a diverse listener base. The album serves as a testament to his unique sound, which is deeply influenced by contemporary composers and improvisers, drawing from a broad musical spectrum. This distinctiveness is further enhanced by his comprehensive musical education, highlighted by his involvement in notable jazz programs. This foundation has positioned Bennich to elevate the sound of his quartet to new heights, solidifying his status as a sonic pioneer.

At the core of his musical journey is the Hannes Bennich Quartet, consisting of Bennich alongside Britta Virves on piano, Tomas Sjödell on bass, and Emil Norman on drums. Each member brings a unique element to the quartet, making it a powerhouse of contemporary jazz. Virves, with her Estonian roots, blends classical music with jazz, contributing significantly to the Swedish jazz landscape and earning accolades from platforms like Dagens Nyheter. Sjödell offers a robust jazz foundation with his bass, complemented by performances across the continent, enhancing the quartet’s rich sound palette. Norman, on drums, introduces a global dimension to their music, influenced by his studies in both Stockholm and New York.

Together, the Hannes Bennich Quartet represents the forefront of contemporary jazz, promising an engaging and innovative musical experience. For venues and bookers, securing Hannes Bennich and his quartet ensures a performance that is not just immersive but also unforgettable, marking a significant highlight in any musical calendar. Through their collective efforts, the quartet continues to push the boundaries of jazz, inviting audiences to partake in their extraordinary musical journey.




There's an inviting warmth to the sound of this album,
the melodies throughout this album - inspired by dreams - are fluent and lyrical.
Jag är ingen saxtjej,

men det här är bra, något av det bästa jag hört!

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