Andreas Hourdakis


Andreas Hourdakis is a groundbreaking jazz guitarist from Malmö, Sweden. His early exposure to hardcore/metal music shaped his rhythmic and improvisational skills. Andreas graduated from the Swedish Royal College of Music and has collaborated with jazz luminaries like Magnus Öström and Lars Danielsson. His 2020 album “Underworld” garnered critical acclaim, and his upcoming release “Report To Keftiu” promises to be another masterpiece.

Emerging from the rich musical heritage of his native Crete, Andreas Hourdakis disrupts the jazz world with his genre-bending improvisations and electrifying stage presence. His dedication to his craft, ability to seamlessly blend traditional melodies with jazz finesse, and unwavering connection with his audience have cemented his status as a trailblazer and maestro of connection. His music, resonating across the globe, is a force to be reckoned with, a fusion of tradition and rebellion that redefines the boundaries of jazz.




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This is an album all about the beauty of Hourdakis’ tone as he liberates each notes from the fretboard. It’s one in which the listener can simply wallow in the joyful iridescence of the music.
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