Tarabband, a captivating musical ensemble, was born in 2008, led by the talented Nadin Al Khalidi. Rooted in the vibrant city of Malmö, Sweden, they’ve sculpted their musical journey into three compelling studio albums and two mesmerizing live recordings, each a testament to their evolution. Their resounding hit, “Baghdad Choby,” has surged past 6 million streams across multiple platforms, promising an entrancing and globally appealing sound that’s an absolute must-book for any event or venue seeking to captivate diverse audiences with a blend of cultural richness and universal appeal.




Tarabband – telling war stories through Arab music

Growing up in Iraq and Egypt, Nadin Al Khalidi had no interest in Arabic music. As a child she studied the violin...
Tarabband presents Arab music from Sweden, gives voice to victims of war
I started playing Western music and wrote some lyrics. I am really proud to be back in Amman with my fellow band...
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